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Day 1 with Michael Elsner
Day 2 with Marc Mawhinney
Day 3 with Cat LaCohie
Day 4 with Lauren Sapala
Day 5 with Emily Hudak
Day 6 with Connie Wang
Day 7 with Michael Oden
Day 8 with Alina Ugas
Day 9 with Nomad
Day 10 with Mary O’Connor
Day 11 with Hollis Citron
Day 12 with Jessica Perez Beebe
Day 13 with Monica Stevanovic
Day 14 with Michael Rearden
Day 15 with Cynthia Santiago-Borbon
Day 16 with Elle Sojourner
Day 17 with Tina Bakehouse
Day 18 with Keocha LeFleur Anders
Day 19 with Erin Nesci
Day 20 with Angela Sette
Day 21 with Mike Cid